This website is owned by Jeremy aKa ErtYwek

It were createn mainly for dev toolz database ...
Use Links at bottom or search function to find whatever located on that 'server' :P

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To go now to the online toolz click button bellow called "DATABASE".

ErtYwek Projectz Progress

World of Lifecraft ErtY Game Series [MMORPG game based on Roblox "The online building toy" Platform]


Carp & Mackerel ErtY Game Series [ An 3D Let's Fish online fishing stimulator, Currently working on core scripts] 


EWQ.pl website & database of development toolz [ As you see the website started workin' :]


Funding of my laptop required for work on new projects. Wanna buy this year. [980€ is goal/700€ is current funding 17.06.18]


Counters that count

for the fans of statistics and not important info



of experience with community leading and forum moderation.



management and administration.


Mini albums

released without label in 2016.



of wasting time on internet

Logo Design

from 3 per logo
  • Creating logos by hand on paper, Sothing L.M. Pro, GIMP and other software tools.
  • Included support for configuration.

Photo Licensing

from 8 per photo
  • HD and UHD photos perfect in their beauty of nature
  • License for commercial usage for unlimited amount of views.

Wordpress Help

10 per month
  • I can help in configuration of wordpress website. 
  • Include helpful plugins with are in price! Include Logo design!

Pro Theme license

50 per theme
  • License of one of my own web designs for your websites.
  • Do not include resell! You will get help with configuration [1 year]!